Hello! This is Puck.

Puck is an app that lives on your computer and designs games.

It's what we call an automated game designer - that means it uses AI techniques to design, play and think about games.

Puck can invent new game ideas, playtest them to try them out, and evaluate them using things it's been told about game design.

The current early release version of Puck is available to download on itch.io:

More About Puck

Our dev version of Puck can stream on Twitch! To get notified when Mike's version of Puck is streaming, you can follow Puck on Twitch here.

You can also follow Puck on Twitter here - we may have Puck use Twitter to interact with people while designing, too (otherwise we'll use it for updates).

Puck's primary developer is Mike Cook. You can contact Mike on Twitter here, or email him: mike at puck.games

Puck has also been worked on by Mads Johansen (and probably more people, soon!)

The research and development of Puck was funded in part by the Royal Academy of Engineering's Research Fellowship scheme, and was helped by both Queen Mary University of London and the Max Planck Institute for Software Engineering.